Our professionals are patent attorneys, attorneys at law with licenses in Korea or the United States, technical specialists, patent engineers and staffs. Our technical specialists hold degrees in different fields and contribute their technical expertise to provide our clients with a high-quality work product.

We pride ourselves on our international experience. In terms of translation, we complete this work in-house and have members with language skills beyond English and Korean including Japanese and Chinese.

As such, we are able to maintain consistency in our deliverables while also keeping our fees reasonable. The use of our bi-lingual members also reduces the time of the overall IP process for our client's so that they can more quickly put their IP plan into action.

To ensure that our members are up-to-date with the latest developments in IP law and that our treatment of IP issues is consistent within the firm, we regularly provide internal trainings. Different members take lead roles for each training session, preparing the lecture materials themselves and then instructing as we feel the best way to learn is by teaching. These internal trainings help contribute to the overall satisfaction of our firm's members.

Our collegial work environment has allowed our firm to steadily increase in size each year. From a total of three members in 2001, we have grown to a firm of approximately 90 members. We have many members skilled in the fields of life science and chemistry which has led us to be considered "best in class" in these fields in Korea. Our Engineering Group and our Trademark Group are both also very active.